Code of Merit

Rosarior has made a solid attempt at providing an alternative to the Codes of Conduct that SJWs are successfully using in their attempt to enter and converge many open source software projects. It’s called the Code of Merit.

A meritocratic code of conduct devoid of social politics.

This Code of Merit should not be necessary. The fact that it is necessary means there is something wrong with the solutions the software industry is trying. They should recognize that fact and not insist that their solution is the only solution.

  1.     Software is like nature: it evolves, so the best implementation must prevail.
  2.     You will contribute, you will learn, and mistakes are allowed.
  3.     Mistakes are not final and everybody has a second chance.
  4.     Don’t expect others to do your work or help you with your work forever.
  5.     Harassment as defined by law will not be allowed. Questioning is not harassment. Repeated questioning after an individual has stated their desire for disengagement is harassment.
  6.     Censorship will not be permitted. Seeking to silence an individual voicing constructive opinions will not be allowed. Silencing vitriol is not censorship.
  7.     This is a space for technical prowess; world politics have no place here.
  8.     Everything that makes a person an individual, including but not limited to body, sex, sexual preference, race, language, religion, nationality, or political preferences are irrelevant in the scope of a technical project.
  9.     Everybody is different, so differences will not be mentioned by anyone, even by the individual suffering/experiencing/having/enjoying them. We are all individuals seeking the common goal of improving ourselves and improving our collective project.
  10.     Everybody has the same rights and the same opportunities to seek any challenge they want. The chance to screw up will not be denied to anybody.
  11.     There is no room for ambiguity: if an individual is ambiguous regarding a statement it is up to the individual to provide more context. Ambiguity will be met with questioning; further ambiguity will be met with silence.
  12.     If a discussion arises that cannot be solved in the space of the project, it will be discussed in a separate space. Disruption of the project will not be allowed.
  13.     This Code of Merit does not take precedence over governing law.

It’s a good start, and I certainly support the idea, but I find it both defensive and excessively explanatory. I also find that it leaves a few small cracks that SJWs will, as is their wont, ruthlessly attempt to exploit.

Here is a first pass at a weaponized version that I believe will be more effective in both rooting out and deterring SJW entryists.

OSS Code of Merit

Everyone who joins this project agrees to abide by this meritocratic code in the interest of successfully reaching the objectives of this project.

  1. No objectives beyond the stated objectives of this project are relevant to the project. Social Justice Warriors are not permitted to join this project in any capacity.
  2. Any attempt to suggest, propose, or otherwise advocate for an alternate Code of Conduct or to advance social justice ideals will result in immediate expulsion from the project.
  3. Your value to the project will be solely determined by your direct contributions to the project in the objective form of code, documentation, fundraising, and testing.
  4. No member of the project who has not contributed [a specified amount of code] is permitted to accept any board position, administrative position, or management-related role in the project.
  5. You will do your own work. Any attempt to pass off the work of others as your own will result in immediate expulsion from the project.
  6. Individual characteristics related to body, sex, sexual preference, race, language, religion, and nationality
    are irrelevant and will not be taken into account concerning your value to the project.
  7. If a discussion arises that cannot be solved in the space of the
    project, it will be discussed in a separate space. Disruption of the
    project will not be allowed.
  8. The director of the project is king, emperor, and god of the project. There are no limitations on his ability to make decisions and discipline members of the project. Cross him at risk of expulsion from the project.
  9. All present and future advisory boards will answer to the director of the project. The director can disband any and all boards and committees at will and at his sole discretion.
  10. The director of the project is X. The vice-director is Y. If the director is incapacitated or otherwise unable to perform his duties, Y will assume the director’s role for three months and will appoint a substitute vice-director. If the director is still unable to perform his duties after three months, Y will become the director of the project and the substitute vice-director will become the vice-director.
  11. If you do not approve of the direction or the objectives of the project, then leave the project.

One thing I’ve noticed is that SJWs always attempt to minimize the role of whoever started the project and made it successful, ergo shutting down any possibility of that by protecting the status of the project director and giving him the unrestricted ability to boot any member seeking to effect change should be the first priority of any project that wishes to remain productive and unconverged.