Sociosexuality and the candidates

Over at Alpha Game, a reader has analyzed all of the candidates in terms of sociosexual rank:

Donald Trump: Alpha. His mug is featured on the dictionary
definition of the term. And whenever the media (or Jeb) try to make him
out as whiny or petulant, video footage of the events in question
invariably show him remaining calm and cool, every single time.

Ted Cruz: Beta, with a bit of Sigma.
Seems to be instinctively serving as a lieutenant to Trump in some
aspects, by cornering certain voters who won’t warm up to Trump, such as
the evangelicals. Has a Sigma streak with his willingness to offend the
Democrats and cuckservatives running the Senate, and which seems to
have inoculated him against being an Establishment sellout, or at least
less than Rubio or Rand Paul. Indeed, he seems to be rising above the
less-“offensive” Rubio and Paul, despite Rubio’s backers having spent
far more money than Cruz’s.

It will be interesting to see if there is much in the way of predictive value here. Read the rest there.