Someone asked me at the Brainstorm session last night how abortion foes could utilize #GamerGate tactics to take down Planned Parenthood. I said I didn’t know, but that it would be tough if they were reliant upon government funding, because choking off government funding is difficult.

Well, Moe Lane just provided the answer.

“Here are the 41 companies that have directly funded Planned Parenthood.”

    American Cancer Society
    American Express
    Bank of America
    Bath & Body Works
    Ben & Jerry’s
    Deutsche Bank

The rest of the 41 corporations are listed at the link. Start sending emails, complete with quotes from the Planned Parenthood people about selling organs from aborted infants, to the PR/Marketing departments of these corporations and asking them if they support those practices. Put all the relevant names and emails on a central site, complete with various draft emails, and then start sending emails. Recruit others to do so. Talk about your activities under the #PPGate hashtag.

Don’t threaten, don’t talk about boycotts, don’t quote Bible verses, just try to get a statement from them concerning whether they support Planned Parenthood’s sale of harvested human organs. Don’t whine, suck it up and recall that thousands of gamers did this for weeks before getting any results. Another important thing is to regularly push encouraging graphic memes on Twitter; this is only one of hundreds of examples of the images posted by #GamerGaters to keep the emails flowing.