The return of Voxiversity

A number of you have been requesting a new Voxiversity, I’d been thinking it was well past time to do another one, and the potential connection with our hypothetical Brainstorm Club that we’ve been discussing turned it into a no-brainer.

On Saturday, May 16, the next Voxiversity will commence with the first quiz on Martin van Creveld’s A HISTORY OF STRATEGY, which will cover the Foreword, the Introduction, and Chapter 1: Chinese Military Thought. If you haven’t acquired a copy of the book yet, you can get it at Amazon or in EPUB format at Castalia House. The chapters are not long and you will be able to read Chapter 1 at least twice before Saturday. If you want to see what a Voxiversity is like, have a look at the left sidebar for previous ones on works by Thucydides, Dante, and Rothbard, among others.

However, one benefit of selecting a work by a living author is that in addition to the usual quizzes and online discussions in the comments, Dr. van Creveld has agreed to take part in an online videoconference with me that will be open to the Ilk. We haven’t set a date yet, but it will be scheduled sometime during the Voxiversity, which will run for the next eight weeks. I will interview him for the first 30 minutes, after which we will have an open Q&A session. In addition to being the author of EQUALITY: THE IMPOSSIBLE QUEST, as well as The Transformation of War and Technology and War, Dr. van Creveld will be a contributor to RIDING THE RED HORSE V2 and he has written an absolutely fascinating essay on a significant aspect of future war that very few have considered.

The event will be free, but because the number of places are limited (to exactly what, I do not yet know) priority will be given to the members of the Dread Ilk’s Brainstorm Club. While I’m still working out how that is going to operate, my current thinking is that in addition to being able to attend the monthly Brainstorm event, members will get first shot at attending the free online events such as these.