Anti-GamerGate bomb threat

Fortunately for the world, I can assure everyone that the 8th Wonder of the World, Nero’s hair, is safe:

event began at 9:30 pm and the local bar appeared to be having a good
time until approximately 11:30 pm when the local police received a
report from an unknown source about a bomb threat at Local 16. The
threat was made over Twitter according to the local police station. This
led to an evacuation, which took place at approximately a quarter after
midnight. Sources at the location that left prior to the evacuation say
there was no knowledge of the threat prior to their departure at about
11:45 pm.

The whole affair was initially run as a fire drill, and everyone was
able to get out without much issue, allowing the police to search the
premises afterwards. By all accounts and video footage, the people were
all calm about the events as it was on going.

After the investigation was done, everyone was allowed back into the
bar and, according to people at the event, there were several free
rounds. There is no information on who made the threat, and anyone calling
for investigations of particular people are being premature at this
moment in time.

This was the threat, which someone promptly archived:

I have multiple bombs planted around the area #GGinDC is being held in. If #GGinDC is not evacuated within the next hour, it will detonate.  

A number of people seem to think Arthur Chu was somehow involved, but I find it difficult to believe that he could be that stupid.