To be, or not to be, Gamma

Eventually we were bound to start recognizing their patterns, given that they do the same stupid bloody thing every stupid bloody time. Stickwick, who happens to hold a PhD in Astrophysics, points out why there is absolutely no point in responding in a substantive manner to a Gamma male’s questions:

What’s rather remarkable about you is how the fact that you’re so reliably shown to be wrong and/or obtuse doesn’t deter you in the slightest. You’re like one of those inflatable punching clowns that just keeps popping back up no matter how many times you’re knocked down.

This is why I simply go straight to the dismissive rhetoric with these sad sacks now that I sufficiently understand the Gamma mentality. They are all, by their socio-sexual nature, limited to rhetoric. Their defining characteristic is their refusal to accept the truth of a social order that they can not only see, but frequently reaches out and touches them; the Gamma is the True King in his own mind and he redefines defeat as victory every single day.

That is why they “keep popping back up” pretending that they weren’t wrong no matter how many times everyone has seen them intellectually depantsed. They have to cling to the delusion that they are ever-triumphant because they can’t face the depressing ugliness of their own daily reality.

I was quite pleased the other night when I was picking up Ender after practice. The previous practice, he had gotten into a bit of a scuffle with one of his defenders, who got into his face after he’d failed to bail out the defense’s catastrophic mistake, prompting Ender to punch him in the face when he wouldn’t back off. Fortunately, they finally have a good coach, who chewed out the entire defense for being lazy, then told off the defender while he had Ender run a few laps as punishment.

I was curious when I saw the defender standing in the path where Ender would be exiting the clubhouse. Having gotten into it two days before, I wondered how they would they react. Would they pretend not to see each other, be distantly polite, or behave normally? But instead, when Ender came out I saw them exchange the thumbs-back hand-clasp thing and nod, which of course is male teamspeak for mutual acceptance. That was good, because it told me that whatever he may turn out to be, it isn’t going to be a passive-aggressive, self-delusional Gamma male.

Meanwhile, this exchange with another Gamma was as amusing as it was illustrative.

VD: (cites article in which scientists admit problems with rectifying data with evolutionary theory)

Gamma: So what’s the alternative to evolution? To instead believe in the Hebrew book of fairy tales called The Bible and honestly believe the world is only 6000 years old and humans and dinosaurs co-existed on Earth like in The Flintstones? You’ll have to do better than that. That just sounds like believing in a fairy tale someone made up. And if science is so phony next time you need to fix a broken bone or get an operation, just try praying real hard instead, see how far that gets you.

VD: Duck and change the subject. That’s certainly new. And convincing! Why pray when we can simply fix it by evolving it through natural selection? Because that’s science too, right?

[Notice how when I don’t bite on the pseudo-dialectic by taking it seriously but simply mock it, the Gamma drops the
passive-aggression and shifts right into the full rhetorical attack
mode. There isn’t even any pretense of dialectic anymore, just a desperate throw-spaghetti-at-the-wall attempt to cause feelbad.]

Gamma: Because you can’t just sit and evolve. That would be as futile as praying for a deity to fix your broken bone magically or cure you of your illness that required an operation. Said deity would not answer. Plus evolution takes a very, very long time. The average human being only lives to around 80. You’d need medical attention pretty quick if you had a broken bone or you needed a life saving operation. Just praying to got to correct either would get you nowhere.

Off topic, but I think Vox Day really is jealous of a Gamma like John Scalzi. Which is why he keeps writing about him. He can’t understand why such a nerd can sell so many more books than a so-called real man with a black belt (or whatever) in martial arts like he is.

Vox Day doesn’t really act like a Christian either to be honest. Jesus (if he existed) loved everyone. Even non-believers. Jesus wouldn’t be for racial segregation voluntary or not. Even if Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream has failed. Vox never used to write about all this race themed stuff. Not until Obama was elected and then re-elected. I think Obama’s re-election really knocked the wind out of his sails. And that’s part of why he gave up the WorldNetDaily column. I think the demographic for his blog has changed. It used to be a younger crowd. Now it feels like the average age is 50 plus. A lot of old get of my lawn type retirees. One more thing, being a world class cruelty artist may be entertaining for readers, but my guess is the Christian God and Christ (if either exists) finds that level of cruelty in human beings to be a pretty serious sin. 

This is hilarious. Let’s count the feeble attempts to cause feelbad. 1) jealous, 2) false Christian, 3) upset by Obama’s re-election, 4) readership is old and past it, 5) offending a God in whom the Gamma doesn’t even believe. With all due respect, I’ve had people publicly calling me every name in the book FOR 14 YEARS now. Do you really think you’re going to be the one who has finally come up with the magic word that will crack my Olympian indifference to your opinion?

I was curious about the blog demographics, however. It turns out that the three most distinctive characteristics of the VP readership are that they are a) educated, b) male, and c) wealthy, in that order. As for age, the blog is followed heavily in all age groups from 25-64, with 45-54 being the strongest and under-18s being the most highly underrepresented. This makes sense, as under-18s are the least-educated, least-wealthy group out there. And, of course, I am in the 45-54 educated wealthy male group myself.

It’s not so much “get off my lawn” as “please be advised that you will now be escorted from the premises of our country club”.

Never bother to engage in dialectic with a Gamma male. It serves no purpose, they literally don’t hear what you’re saying. To them, arguing is a competition in causing feelbad. So relentlessly mock them and target their insecurities, and pay no attention whatsoever to their pseudo-dialectical bait. It isn’t honestly offered.

UPDATE: This discussion has helped me see a little deeper into the psychology and I think it’s given me a glimpse into the core source of the Gamma delusion. The Gamma believes that if he admits to the truth of his own feelings about himself, he will lose.