Brussels burning

4GW forces are rising in Europe. The goverments are increasingly unable to afford to buy off the masses with bread and circuses. The only thing that is shocking is that this is not Greece, Italy, or even Spain, but Belgium.

ACV estimated that some 120,000 people had taken to the streets, with the police looking at a figure of more like 100,000. Slogans on banners included: ‘Eliminate the causes of the crisis, not the poor’, ‘Hands off the pension age’, and ‘human need not corporate greed’. By late afternoon cars and other vehicles could be seen burning in the centre of Brussels. There were also reports of buildings being set on fire, and other property being damaged. ‘There are disturbances in the centre of the centre,’ said a Brussels police spokesman. The unexpectedly massive march opens a month-long campaign by the trade unions against the business-friendly governing coalition and is to be capped with a nationwide general strike on December 15.

From “Importing More 4th Generation War”, one of the hundreds of columns that appear in William S. Lind’s On War:

Once a state faces 4GW springing from a community of refugees, its options are limited. It can adopt a variant of the old Ottoman millet system, and demand that the community police itself, or it can try to attack the problem directly through the police. Both approaches usually founder on the same bonds of a common language and culture that provide the alternate primary loyalty. The millet system also accepts the weakness of the state as a given, which in turn accelerates the state’s decline.

In the real world, as opposed to the dream world of “multiculturalist” ideologues, there is only one way to prevent refugees from other cultures from serving as Trojan horses for 4th Generation war: do not admit the refugees. They are carrying a plague for which states have no cure. It may seem heartless to turn plague carriers away at the door, but it is also necessary to survival. When the state’s fundamental peace, security and order are at stake, the head, not the heart, must be the governing organ. America is particular must learn this lesson fast – for much of Europe, it is already too late – as cries grow to admit hordes of refugees from Iraq.

Remember, the singular hallmark of 4GW is this: the loss of state legitimacy. What will terrify the Belgian government is the fact that the rioters are a mix of native Belgians and immigrants, which indicates that the anti-government opinion is fairly broad spectrum. Remember, this is the left that is rioting; the right is, if anything, even less happy with the state of affairs.