Hotwheels explains the Nick Denton fraud

Or is it more wheels within wheels…. The founder of 8chan explains that the Nick Denton email and subsequent Facebok post are indeed fakes:

Time to cut to the chase: @Kingofpol’s leak is a fraud.

 I will explain why I trusted it, and then you can draw your own conclusions. I am releasing this information because I believe that it is more important that people know that this is a fraud than my own personal trustworthiness.

@Kingofpol told me about the leak on Skype. He showed it to me, and told me that it was Stephen Totilo, editor and chief at Kotaku who was the source. He told me that he had been speaking to Totilo for weeks, and that this was a confirmed leak from Denton. He told me how hard he worked for this leak, and I decided to help him out with a confirmation. He said that he was passing the information off to Milo, and that there would soon be a Breitbart story.

I found it hard to believe that anyone, even a drama queen like Denton, could be that melodramatic, so it’s not exactly shocking. But I also think it will be amusing if anyone thinks this will have any effect whatsoever on GamerGate. Death threats, media attacks, fake leaks, drinking the blood of innocents, it makes no difference at all.

To reiterate what I told a PhD candidate writing her dissertation on GamerGate who contacted me earlier today: It’s all about one thing
and one thing only: the right of gamers to design, develop, and play
the games we want to design, develop, and play. And we reject the
efforts of absolutely anyone and everyone trying to interfere with
that right.