That’s what you call a predictive model

The Anonymous Conservative wrote on November 5th:

While it is not clear why Lena Dunham canceled her book tour dates, it would not surprise me to find out that she is presently in bad shape health-wise – nauseous, headachy, weak, and probably fighting off some head-bug. One of the biggest things which will strike you about amygdala deficiency is how it will create physical illness from amygdala activation in those afflicted.

They really do live awful lives of horror.

That was followed the next day by this announcement concerning The Dunham Horror:

Lena Dunham postpones European book tour with ill health following claims she ‘sexually abused’ sister. Girls creator Lena Dunham has postponed two scheduled appearances on her European book tour until December citing ill health.

Considering the degree to which this lumpenrabbit is being subjected to widespread rejection, even by some inhabitants of the global warren, we should probably start a pool concerning the date of her upcoming “suicide attempt”.