Waking up is hard

One of the world’s many deltas explains why taking the red pill of Game generates such anger in him and other men of similar mindset:

I felt like an idiot. I felt lied to. I felt cheated. I realized that I spent years of time and effort trying to be what I was taught to be a “good man” only to learn the assholes I held in contempt for treating woman so badly had it right all along! I had travelled the hard road, staying true to my morals on the belief that it was the right path only to learn that the same women who told me I was going to make some woman a great husband were sleeping with those same assholes! And those same women would cry on my shoulder when they got dumped. I felt used.

Nice guys usually do finish last. The primary reason is because they tend to take what women say literally and adjust their behavior accordingly, while bad boys pay no attention and do whatever they want. Ironically, the latter is much more attractive to women. There’s more at Alpha Game.