And there was much rejoicing

It seems we’re going to need a new judge for the debate to replace CL since he has resigned:

In what will surely be joyous news to many at VoxWorld, I officially resign my role of honorary judge in the PZ Myers Memorial Debate [with a caveat I’ll explain at the end of the post].

Read the whole thing, it’s highly amusing. And please feel free to suggest a replacement for the Christian judge and you can vote on the nominees tomorrow. Dominic has already assented to the idea of a substitute since he saw this on the horizon several days ago. We’ll run the new judge by him and get his approval once he’s been chosen.

As for CL’s caveat and offer to return if I recant my scoring system, all I have to say is that is impossible since there is nothing to recant. It’s not my scoring system, I’m not the scorekeeper, and all I did was to simply add up the way each judge had scored each round for the benefit of those following along. You’ll note my opponent didn’t take any issue with it.

Round 1: 3 judges for Vox
Round 2: 1 judge for Vox, 1 judge for Dominic, 1 draw.

Since CL can’t figure out how that might add up to 4.5 to 1.5, it is clearly for the best that the pedantic little whiner resigned. And as I said in the comments, I don’t care if anyone prefers to characterize the current score as any of the following:

a) 1-0. Vox won one round. No one won the second.
b) 1.5-0.5. Vox won the first round, the second was a draw
c) 4-1. Vox won four judges in two rounds, DS won one.
d) 4.5-1.5. Vox won four judges in two rounds, DS won one, one judge called a draw in the second round.

All four of these various scores would be perfectly valid and are supported by the evidence. However, only (d) tells you exactly what happened so far, which was my entire purpose in mentioning it. I’m not the scorekeeper. I don’t declare the winner. But then, it’s hardly surprising that CL is confused as to the various roles of a contestant, a judge, and a scorekeeper, for as Nate remarked prior to the second round judging, it was only a matter of time before CL declared himself the winner.

“Who gets the car? I do!”

All in all, a rather pleasant evening. After a three-year injury layoff, I scored my first goal in the third game of the season and came home to discover that I don’t have to wade through anymore of CL’s endless, vacuous blathering.