By the banksters, for the banksters

Karl Denninger puts his finger on why the bankers and their public servants are desperately pushing for inflation:

These policies are not born out of ignorance, they’re intentional frauds.

We keep hearing that we can’t have “deflation” as that’s “terrible”, but exactly who is it terrible for? It certainly isn’t terrible for the prudent saver – the Senior Citizen who has been systemically and serially financially raped by those very same “captains of finance!” Yes, it’s terrible if you took on debt you can’t afford but exactly why should you be protected from your own stupidity whether you’re that borrower or lender – and using debt to pull future earnings capacity from the future or speculate is factually stupid!

Further, is it really “deflation” when you simply reverse the inflation of the last ten years, say much the last 30? Why is it perfectly ok to steal half or more of someone’s saved money, but when they might get that stored value back it’s suddenly a national calamity to be avoided at all costs?

The answer is perfectly clear. Because those responsible for the theft are in charge and they don’t want to give up their ill-gotten gains.