Perhaps I was wrong

A few days ago, I mentioned that I am working on a “maxi-sequel” to Summa Elvetica entitled Arts of Dark and Light. Because it is going to be sizable, I was under the impression that Marcher Lord would have little interest in it and that I would have to publish it as an ebook. Which, of course, is completely fine with me.

However, it turns out that SE’s publisher, Marcher Lord, has recently published an 1,100-page omnibus edition of a trilogy written by Kathy Tyers. And it also turns out the main man at MLP is actually more than a little interested in AoDaL, so there is a reasonable possibility that it will be conventionally published when it is finished after all. We haven’t worked out any of the details yet, and nothing is set in stone, but I thought some of you would be interested to know that there is a decent chance the next book set in Selenoth will be available on dead tree as well as digital.