Conservatives back Obama on Afghanistan

Prominent conservative foreign policy thinkers and activists who backed the Iraq war are circulating a letter to President Obama supporting his engagement in Afghanistan against criticism from left and right, and urging him to stay the course.

The letter responds in part to a widely-circulated column by conservative columnist George Will, headed “Time to Get Out of Afghanistan.” The letter is a mark of the longstanding rift in conservative foreign policy circles on the use of American power abroad, and it echoes divisions on the right over the Iraq war. The letter quotes President Obama at length and approvingly.

The headline would be more accurately titled “Fake Conservatives back Obama on Afghanistan and Anywhere Else He Wants to Send Troops”. Look at the list! Kristol… Podhoretz… it’s the collection of mediocre, second-generation neo-conservatives. The conservative movement has destroyed itself by permitting these charlatans to infiltrate and take over the commanding heights of the so-called conservative media. And if Obama wins a second term, don’t be surprised if they suddenly morph into neo-liberals.