America’s Great Depression section I

And we’re off again with Voxiversity II, this time with the focus on economics, specifically the Austrian theory take on the Great Depression. ProProfs has significantly changed its system, mostly for the better, but due to some flaws in its open statistical reporting I’d encourage everyone to take the quiz before getting into the discussions here or poking around in the statistics. I really don’t care if people cheat or not, but doing so is pretty self-defeating since it’s not as if the results are going to show up on your PERMANENT RECORD. At the Voxiversity, failure indicates nothing more than a gap in your knowledge base, thus allowing you to rectify the situation.

If you have questions about anything or wish clarification, don’t hesitate to ask questions here. I’m sure someone will answer them and it’s entirely possible that they may even be correct. Also, this post will remain at the top of the page throughout the day, so scroll down for any later posts.

The reading for next week is Chapter 1, pages 3-37 on the positive theory of the business cycle.