It seems the NHS is in short supply

One of its clients emails from Old Blighty:

Caught the last 20 mins of the radio show. Great stuff, except I can’t believe you don’t think your writing has much influence! The irrational atheist is a key work in the fight against atheist propaganda. There’s nothing more important than doing the Lord’s work, the material cares of this world are nothing compared with the agony of the Soul! Which isn’t to say that you’ve been entirely un-influential in the economic sphere. In fact possibly you’ve played a key role in the chain of events leading to the government action needed to manage the current global crises!

I hadn’t been paying that much attention to economics recently, but when I saw your blog about the bail out of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac back in early Sept I immediately saw that was a pivotal moment and got straight on to Gordon Brown about the historic opportunity he had for fiscal socialism…. I know he was receiving similar advice from the Treasury and Bank of England officials, but even so it’s possible a much less optimal set of decisions could have been made if it weren’t for the communication sparked by your blog! You might be skeptical about this… I guess you might not be pleased about this, but hopefully you wont be anti-Keynesian all your life, many great advocates of a system start off by being opposed to it.

I… I don’t even know where to begin with this one. It tends to bring to mind the Deee-Lite video, when Bootsy admits that the band has definitely been known to smoke. Regardless, let me just say that I am very much not a fan of Gordon Brown for all that he has figured in my past fiction, I think Alastair Darling is off his rocker to openly advocate straight Keynesian policies as any sort of solution to the current crisis, and I find it very difficult to imagine any series of events that would lead me to honestly conclude that John Maynard Keynes’s economic theories were correct in any substantive degree.

That being said, it must be admitted that the Prime Minister’s actions were somewhat better than those of his US counterpart. The British responses have been, at least thus far, marginally less toxic than the US actions, since the British taxpayers are getting something tangible for their banking bail-out money. Nationalization may be stupid and short-sighted, but it’s not as astonishingly idiotic as paying for a bank and then not taking it home with you.

I would simply assume that this was some sort of joke, were it not for the fact that I’ve had more than one battle in Alterac Valley interrupted by telephone calls from Congressmen this year. And people wonder why my sense of reality tends to run a bit askew at times….