Military losers

John Scalzi may be a lefty, but he is that rare and dangerous breed of lefty, the kind who actually pays attention:

Over the last seven elections, the superior military service is 1-6 in presidential elections. If McCain is hoping his service record is going to matter much in this election, he might want to look at the historical record.

I’ve never quite understood the “war hero” candidacy concept, especially given the fact that the USA hasn’t fought a popular war capable of producing public heroes in my entire lifetime. As Scalzi points out, if history is a reliable guide, then John McCain, USN, ret. is toast.

What’s the over/under on flavor in an Obama cabinet anyhow? It will be interesting to see if the usual lamentations about “a cabinet that doesn’t look like America” will resound throughout the land if there are more than two blacks or less than three Hispanics.