Can’t anyone play this game?

The New York Times mindlessly calls for tax hikes:

To restore the health of the budget, let alone keep ambitious campaign pledges for spending more money, the next president, regardless of which party wins, will have to tax the American people more than any of the candidates has been willing to admit.

Now, I’m not a Keynesian myself. But the New York Times, to the extent that they understand economics at all, have long taken a fundamentally Keynesian view. And from the Keynesian perspective, the one thing that you absolutely do not do in a recession is to tighten fiscal policy by raising taxes or cutting spending, a recession is the one time that you’re actually supposed to INCREASE the federal deficit in order to smooth out the business cycle. The editorial is clearly talking about recessionary times; it even explicitly mentions this being a time of “economic crisis”.

Newspaper editors are so economically illiterate that they can’t even manage to produce coherent idiocies.