It was a fake

Unsurprisingly, there is confirmation that the original “Sarah” call was a fraudulent one:

A mobile phone number used to make calls that triggered a mass raid on a Texas polygamist compound has been traced to a woman in Colorado with a history of making allegedly false claims of abuse.

If the Texas authorities were following due process, every kidnapped child would already be back with his parents. But, as we know, the judge and the CPS have no interest in following the law when there are what they laughably claim to be “the interests of the child” to justify doing whatever they decide to do. What we’re seeing in Texas is not the rule of law, it is the rule of tooth and claw.

Instapundit suggests that “This thing seems to be turning into a major disaster for the authorities”, and as the Volokh Conspiracy points out: “It’s time for a nationally prominent civil liberties attorney to get involved.”