Strategy is transitive

11 straight. That’s how many times the Alliance has crushed the Horde since a Finnish leader demonstrated that with a battleground leader staying in one place and calling out directions, we could win despite being outleveled and battling hard core twinks with immunity potions and whatnot. I added my own spin by working out the correct order of procedure, so far 453-0 is the most lopsided win I’ve commanded.

What’s interesting is that I was only involved in four of those victories, but four or five guys who fought in the earlier battles grasped the strategy and have been remorselessly cramming it down Frostwolf throats. However, on the most recent occasion, we found ourselves saddled with a lousy leader who had no idea what he was doing, so people were running wildly all over the place getting themselves killed and we were down 350-240 before the guy finally acceded to some extremely imperative demands to hand over the battleground leadership to me. (I’d been trying to give orders, to little avail except for holding Stonehearth for a while, then preserving the northern bunkers.) To be honest, I didn’t see how we could possibly pull it out since we were behind by more than 100 reinforcements, we’d lost Stonehearth, Snowfall and didn’t have Iceblood, but I pulled everyone in the north back and sacrified Stonehearth and the surrounding bunkers in order to protect the base and Stormpike, ordered everyone in the south to leave the towers alone and concentrate on defending Iceblood, which one of our paladins managed to steal as the Horde rushed north to take advantage of our retreat.

Fortunately, people were desperate enough to listen now, and as I hoped, the Horde split up and wasted time with the bunkers near Stonehearth, allowing us to hold both the northern and southern strongpoints. They dashed themselves to pieces against our barely sufficient northern line while our southern forces first held Iceblood and then, methodically this time, pushed south to take out one tower after another. When the Horde got desperate and rushed south, I led the northern forces on a hard push down to Stonehearth, which we took, robbing them of the ability to hit our southern forces safely from behind. Once that was accomplished, it was just easy slaughter before killing Galve for a surprisingly big 178-0 comeback victory for the Alliance.

Frankly, I’m still shocked. But very, very pleased.