Ann Coulter is right

In some ways, McCrazy is even less conservative than the Lizard Queen. There is nothing conservative, nothing at all, about the idea of bringing the Imperial World Democratic Revolution to the Middle East for 100 years. If you liked the performance of Bush the Younger, then you’ll love John McCrazy:

During the 1990s, when most Republican politicians were against nation-building and extravagant interventionism – perhaps in reaction to the Clinton administration’s taste for both – McCain, in the words of John Judis, sought “to differentiate his views from those of other Republican presidential aspirants and from the growing isolationism of House Republicans” from “within a larger ideological framework. That ideological framework was neoconservatism.”

The Weekly Standard became McCain’s Pravda, and he began consulting regularly with Bill Kristol, who soon became a close adviser. Neocons Marshall Wittmann and Daniel McKivergan – two close friends of Kristol’s – were hired by McCain, and the former became one of his top advisers during the presidential campaign. The neocons, having destroyed the presidency of George W. Bush, have already found another willing host, and they are primed and ready for another go.

The thing that I find interesting is that although I left the Republican party in 1990, I still maintained some lingering emotional ties to it and tended to find a degree of satisfaction in Democratic electoral defeats even though I wasn’t voting for any of the Republicans on offer. But the current presidency and the rise of the neocons managed to sever those ties entirely. I have no interest in thinking about how to save the Republican party, assuming that can even be done at this point, let it crash and burn along with the lethal ideological parasites that infest its brain.

Unfortunately, even the probable Republican crash-and-burn will likely not suffice, for as Justin Raimondo points out, the unconscionable neocons, like rats, won’t hesitate to leave the ship they sank in favor of boarding the next.

If and when the Democrats take the White House, you can bet your bottom dollar the neocons will have some kind of presence, whether it’s in the form of a few mid-level bureaucrats placed in sensitive positions or in top spots close to President Hillary or Obama. They’re already crawling all over the DLC, and they’ll find their way into a Democratic White House via the interstices between pure politics and policy wonkery.

It should be interesting watching the Left go berserk as it gets betrayed in much the same manner that Bush betrayed conservatives. And at the behest of much the same crew.