Advertising TIA

You know, a little radio advertising for TIA just might be a good idea:

Remember—every Sunday at 9am, you Minnesotans (and clever others) can listen to the Minnesota Atheists radio program on Air America. Tune in tomorrow — it’s especially important since I’ve heard that Air America has actually already lost one advertiser because they had the gall to actually allow atheists to broadcast on their show. We’ll have to demonstrate that the program can get a strong audience, so listen in, call in, and if you have a business that you advertise on the radio, think about buying some time on the show.

By the way, this seems as good a time as any to let you know that I will be debating Kelly of the Rational Response Squad via our blogs once she finishes reading TIA.

UPDATE 0500 – Jaime goes offline and TIA promptly drops one spot to 77. Coincidence… or is the peak already in? We shall see. Dawkins still holding firm at 50.

UPDATE 1300 – A new peak at 66! But Dawkins hangs on at 49….