TIA Surge – Harris, Hitchens down

Now there’s only Dawkins to catch… the rank still isn’t displaying on TIA’s own page for whatever reason, but it now holds the #2 spot in Atheism behind Dawkins and the #5 spot in Spirituality behind Joel Osteen, which indicates that The Irrational Atheist has hit the top 100. The surge continues until 9 PM tonight, but it’s already been entirely successful. Thanks very much to everyone who participated already!

UPDATE 0300 – The Mad Aussie had the bright notion to scroll manually through the Amazon bestsellers and can confirm that TIA is at #94 and climbing…. no, make that #81. Richard Dawkins and The God Delusion now in the crosshairs at #50….

UPDATE 0400 – Spacebunny reports #76. It appears at this point that movement at these lofty heights averages out to two spots per book ordered, so it’ll probably take 15 more copies ordered to catch Dawkins at 50 and take #1 in Atheism. Also, just passed Osteen to move up to #4 in “Religion and Spirituality”.