Let me get this straight

Mitt Romney travels to Michigan, a state where his father was the governor, promises loads of government intervention in an attempt to revive a moribund and uncompetitive industry, wins by nine points, and this is supposed to be interpreted as a victory for conservative Republicans?

I haven’t seen the full results yet, but by the way Fox and CNN are religiously reporting only the results for top three finishers despite the fact they’re also reporting that 100 percent of precincts are in, (Captain Underoos 39, Mad Dog McCain 31, Huckster 16), I can only conclude that Ron Paul finished fourth, ahead of both the Tennessee Toad and the Savior of New York City.

When John Hawkins asked me last week who I thought the Republican candidate will be, I gave the same answer that I have given since 2003. Rudy Giuliani. I realize this is counter-intuitive to the point of seeming utterly ridiculous, as he’s a terrible candidate and can’t seem to win a primary or a caucus to save New York, but if the Republican nomination comes down to a brokered convention as some commentators are breathelessly suggesting, I find it hard to imagine that the party elite will miss the chance to jam their guy back down the party’s throat.

This is, after all, the Most Importantest Election Ever and how is Hillary Clinton, who can barely win an unopposed primary, going to ascend to the Cherry Blossom Throne unless Republicans cut their own throats?