Inventing offense

Wayward Fundamentalist has an unusual way of defending Christianity’s public image:

So, I guess Vox has, as he put it, “nothing but the back of my hand and a dismissive snort of contempt”, for those of us who Believe the Bible. Wow, So much for Christianity.

Is this simply a problem with basic reading comprehension? That’s possible. But more likely it’s the Christian drama queen’s desire to play public martyr. His decision to cut off the quote mid-sentence in his response shows that he knows perfectly well that I was not referring to “those of us who Believe the Bible”, but “those who will inevitably attempt to dismiss my case because of the insufficiently respectful manner in which it is made”, or in other words, the academics and their acolytes whose prissy rhetorical etiquette I rejected in writing my forthcoming book. Not exactly a big bunch of Bible believers.

Wayward not only fails to respond to the cited example of Jesus Christ’s own use of strong language, but also omits to mention the fact that “I don’t have a problem with Christians who object to this,” because doing so would not so much have undermined his complaint as eliminated it entirely.

The bizarre thing is that while Wayward thinks it’s unacceptable to use colloquial language in manner quite similar to the way that Jesus Christ himself used it, he considers it entirely proper to blatantly misrepresent what others have written. This is absurd. And as I pointed out yesterday, there are much better ways to sell books than using Christianity as “a bumper sticker or a title use to get people to read one’s books”.