Los Romney

I said a flip flop the flippie the flippie
to the flip flip flop, you don’t stop

There was a Euro dance hit a few years back called Las Ketchup which reminds me of Captain Underoos and his ever-evolving positions on, apparently, everything. In like manner, Drew Cline casts a very skeptical eye on the amorphous Mormon in the Manchester Union-Leader:

OK, here’s a game for the Christmas dinner table. Try to come up with a policy position Mitt Romney hasn’t flip-flopped on. I suggest this after seeing that Romney has even flip-flopped on the one issue where I thought Romney was strongest — taxes.

It would be hysterical to see a “Los Romney” remake of this featuring three blonde women doing the little Ketchup dance in their holy underoos. Of course, it would probably have to be someone from the Ron Paul Revolution; Huckabee supporters obviously can’t do it, since the dancing involved would be wrong.