A Steynian sense of humour

Anyone who would elect to not only quote this particular part of an article written in defense of him, but actually leave out the positive aspects is fundamentally all right with me, whatever his political opinions on various matters might be:


“Mark Steyn is an overexposed, overrated, Canadian opinion columnist… He’s also not the distillation of P.J. O’Rourke, Ann Coulter and P.G. Wodehouse that the many gushing tributes to him written during the past few years might otherwise lead one to believe.”

I also admire Steyn’s refusal to kowtow to the Canadian anti-free speech fascists, pusillanimous advice from council notwithstanding. I can only assume I fall into the “another” category of defenders he mentions, but the truth is that as with the Ron Paul Revolution, there is no need for freedom’s advocates to be inclined to braid each other’s hair and bake cookies together in order to speak out when Man’s basic liberties are under assault.

An attack on the free speech rights of a pro-war, strong government guy is an attack on everyone, including those of us who happen to be anti-war and anti-government.