I’m with the lynch mob

ProFootballTalk is in awe:

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the first high-profile veteran that Childress sent packing from Minnesota delivers the death blow to Brad’s coaching career there? Though it might be premature to think that owner Zygi Wilf would dump the second-year head coach during the season, a posting on a little-known Vikings blog suggests that Wilf is pondering the possibility. Though we previously hadn’t heard of the blog in question and know nothing of its track record, there’s something eerily plausible about the tone and content of the report/rumor/whatever.

And we mention the possibility only because PFT headquarters is being flooded with e-mails from Vikings fans who are desperate to see Childress fired. In six-plus years of doing this, I’ve never seen such fervent and passionate displays of dislike for an NFL head coach.

I cried when Drew Pearson pushed off. I screamed in fury at Darren Nelson when he dropped the ball. I stared in disbelief when Anderson missed. I grimaced when we kept Denny Green and let Tony Dungy go. I covered my eyes when Tice got the job. And I remember the horror of the annus Steckelus.

But I have never, ever hated a Vikings coach like I hate Childress. Everyone – EVERYONE – knew that the QB situation was a massive problem. Everyone knew that Brad Johnson wasn’t the answer and that going into the season with Tarvaris Jackson was a massive gamble. And yet… and yet… you know the rest.