An Arkansan on Huckabee

DW isn’t keen on the Huckster:

We were all relieved when Huckabee finished out his term as Governor of Arkansas! I just wish the world knew the Huckabee that was governor of Arkansas. He promoted illegal immigration in every way. He demonized two state representatives who tried to pass a state law requiring proof of citizenship to collect state benefits. He called them racist and unchristian. The law failed. He went to Mexico and negotiated with President Fox to get a Mexican consulate built in Little Rock Arkansas at tax payer expense. Isn’t negotiating with a foreign power illegal and unconstitutional except for the US State Department?

He wanted to give state backed college scholarships to high school graduates of illegals, yet two years earlier they claimed there was no funding to continue it for Arkansas students! He also loved taxes as much as Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas. I just wish the world knew the truth.

Yeah, I’ve never been impressed with the guy either.