Just in case you weren’t sure that the “right-wing” blogosphere has gotten completely out of touch with the conservative movement, John Hawkins’s latest poll of blogs shows how they regard the Republican candidates in order of preference, taking both negatives and positives into account:

1) Fred Thompson (72.0)
2) Duncan Hunter (37.5)
3) Rudy Giuliani (33.0)
4) Mitt Romney (25.0)
5) Mike Huckabee (24.5)
6) John McCain (-13.0)
7) Tom Tancredo (-15.5)
8) John Cox (-38.0)
9) Alan Keyes (-41.5)
10) Ron Paul (-65.5)

For me, the telling thing is how much they appear to dislike and fear Ron Paul. This is totally bizarre, considering his policy positions and supposedly “minor” status. Either these bloggers regard him as a very serious threat or they are more totally committed to the ongoing War on Everyone Including Our NATO Allies than I had previously imagined.