He is, after all, an atheist

PZ Myers declares his political colors:

My least favorite political/economic group is the Libertarians

He prefers National Socialists, Fascists, Communists, Christian Socialists, Democratic-Farmer-Laborites and Ba’athists to those evil Libertarians. How dare anyone advocate human liberty and the rights of the individual over the collective’s imperative to build a godless New Man and Society!

And atheists wonder why Americans would rather vote for a one-legged black homosexual Mormon crack whore with a criminal record than an atheist.

PZ’s instinctual distaste for both libertarianism and God is very revealing, this distaste comes from an intrinsic desire to wield authoritarian power over others. It is why Hitchens was a Marxist as well as an atheist prior to his Damascene moment and rebirth as a neocon; it represents the complete opposite of my own Christian libertarian philosophy.

I note that a number of Pharyngula’s commenters don’t seem to understand that corporations, being creations of the state, are inherently anti-libertarian. There is nothing fundamentally capitalist about a corporation, which is why they were and are powerful in every communist society.

I like Mieville’s fiction, but since he’s a godless Marxist himself, it should hardly be surprising that a) he doesn’t like libertarianism, or, b) Myers admires his political views. The only difference between a Marxist and a Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor party supporter is that the Marxist is an overt communist while the DFLer won’t admit it, not even to himself.