She’s all right

I’m seldom a fan of women attempting to do a man’s job, because the evidence proves they usually don’t. Lara Logan, however, is clearly up to the task:

Yet the allegedly “antiwar” media is a myth that exists largely in the minds of the neocons, who see any deviation from their preconceived notions as the equivalent of treason. Logan, as Kurtz relates, was constantly hectored by superiors to do “softer” features: at one point, she was asked to do “a story on female soldiers who were distracting themselves by keeping cyber-pets online.” Logan emailed back: “I would rather stick needles in my eyes than spend one second of my time on that story.”

Good for her! It’s a pity more female editors, reporters and commentators don’t follow her lead. And the fact that Logan considers Michelle Malkin to be a “f*cking idiot” can only be regarded as an additional point in her favor.