Tennessee Toadkill

The Evangelical Outpost drops the Tennessee Toad:

When it comes to investing I have a difficult time letting go. I hold onto stocks long after I should have dumped them from my pitifully performing portfolio. But when it comes to politics I am more ruthless and willing to take a loss. That is why I’m cutting my support for Fred Thompson….

I won’t waste time elaborating all the reasons for my decision, but they are many. Still, I hung on until this past weekend. After seeing his sloppy, lackluster, uninspiring speech at the Washington Briefing I realized I couldn’t do it anymore. It’s embarrassing to have to admit I was wrong.

Unfortunately, he’s elected to embrace the Huckster rather than Ron Paul. But Joe may come around yet; obviously he’s capable of changing his mind once he figures out that Huckabee is a scandal-prone, big-government, pro-immigration faux conservative with a crazy wife. He’s essentially a Republican Bill Clinton.

As I wrote when Thompson was first being talked up prior to what was apparently supposed to be his entry into the race, his only appeal was that he was a Republican who wasn’t named Giuliani, McCain or Romney. I expect many to soon follow the lead of the founder of Blogs for Fred in abandoning the senator.


St. Anselm College’s Institute of Politics will release a new poll today, completed by SRBI Research in New York City, showing that Clinton and Romney hold solid leads in New Hampshire…

Romney leads Giuliani 32.4 to 21.8 percent, with John McCain at 15.2 percent and Ron Paul in fourth place at 7.4 percent. Fred Thompson is in sixth place with 5 percent.

It will be interesting to see how the “conservative” media reacts if Paul beats both Huckabee and Thompson in New Hampshire. And if my suspicions are correct, he’ll overperform the polls and pass McCain as well. Meanwhile, the “frontrunner” Giuliani is so hopelessly unelectable that he can’t even win a primary in a northeastern state.

UPDATE II: I love the smell of panic in the morning.

Ron Paul beating Fred Thompson in New Hampshire?