Mailvox: an apt question

RF asks about the obvious:

How come 500,000 Californians can be safely evacuated in three days but it is impossible to deport any illegal aliens?

Why do you hate Californians, RF, why? Are you saying you want to burn illegal aliens to death? To burn them just like they burned human beings in the ovens at Bergen-Belsen? Nazi! Wait a minute, why do I suddenly feel the urge to grow a mustache?

Sorry, it seems I was channeling Michael Medved for a moment there.

By my calculations, it should take approximately 72 days to repatriate all 12 million illegal immigrants, or six months if there’s actually 30 million, as reported recently.

IQ Quiz: is it more difficult to identify a) non-English speaking illegal aliens in the United States or b) Islamic guerillas in an occupied Islamic country?