Ron Paul writes

Another thing to like about Ron Paul is the fact that he is capable of articulating his own thoughts and making his own case, without requiring a puppet master to put words in his mouth:

A few months back, I wrote back-to-back weekly messages regarding globalism and isolationism. In writing those columns, I focused on the fact that our nation’s interventionist foreign policy was precisely what was isolating us from other countries.

Turkey’s recall of their U.S. ambassador in the wake of last week’s resolution, passed in the House Foreign Affairs Committee in condemnation of Turkey, is a perfect example of what I wrote in those columns, as well as what I have been saying for years….

Even though I am no fan of the war in Iraq, keeping positive relations with Turkey is important to protecting our troops who have been sent to fight this war. We are likely to need cordial relations with Turkey so that we can get our troops out of Iraq as quickly and safely as possible, when the time comes.

It’s a pity Giuliani and Thompson aren’t writing similar columns, one has little trouble imagining what Rudy would write about; it would almost surely go something like this:

There is something deranged about those with a excessive concern with little weasels. It is a sickness, and they should go consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist with this excessive concern, how they are devoting their lives to weasels. They need somebody to help them. There are people in this city and in this world that need a lot of help. Something has gone wrong with them. I’m convinced there is something seriously wrong with them. Because a normal person doesn’t do this. They don’t get involved in this kind of sick, compulsive behavior.

Giuliani would be a horrendous president, but he would be amazingly entertaining as the anti-Oprah. Someone get him a syndicated advice column.