Republicans, not conservatives

Keep that in mind when you’re reading National Review and they’re pushing Giuliani, Thompson and now Huckabee:

RE: Paul’s Simplistic Understanding [Mark Hemingway]
I’m not voting for Ron Paul because it’s not expressly prescribed in the Constitution.

First Letter to Paul from a Federalist [Mark R. Levin]
As for Ron Paul, his understanding of the founding is simplistic and inaccurate. Yes, the Founders believed in individual liberty. But they believed in a whole lot more.

That’s It? [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
I could actually watch another hour this time. Without Ron Paul.

Come on Wendell [Kate O’Beirne]
Time is short – ignore Ron Paul.

You Spoke too Soon, Levin [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
Ron Paul is talking, so I’m tempted to turn to Desperate Housewives.

Kate and Kathryn Jean demonstrate once more the complete insanity of women’s suffrage. Subjects like fiat money, unconstitutional wars and utterly predictable foreign policy consequences are just too difficult and boring for their pretty little heads; these so-called professional political commentators are simply not interested in anything more sophisticated than brief sound bites about “the children” and “the future” and promises to keep them safe from the scary Islamo-bogeymen.

Hemingway is amusing, though. It’s a pity Levin didn’t see fit to expound upon what else the Founders believed, how those things ranked vis-a-vis individual liberty, and the various candidates’ positions upon them.