Mailvox: ethnic hypocrisy

Isaiah emails with an unusual perspective on the nature of American-Israeli relations:

considering the pro-arab nature of bush policy, it is risible to wade in the muck of the israel lobby argument. just when did this “palestine nation” ever exist? and yet the planned vivisection proceeds. based on persian rhetoric and actions, israel has every right to wipe tehran off of the map. best that this would happen without one cent of U.S. aid. not likely to happen while the jewish state remains a vassal of washington. careful, your shirts may be turning brown.

Is it really pro-Arab to invade and occupy an Arab country for four years? Regardless of whether “this palestine nation” ever existed or not, it exists now and has been recognized by the United States government, which is all that any American should require. Ethnic Jews living in the West are not in a reasonable position to argue against Palestinian nationhood on the grounds that ethnicity is the sole legitimate basis for nationality.

And what, precisely, are the actions that give Israel “every right” to wipe Iran off the map? Pursuing nuclear weapons technology? By that logic, Israel has every right to wipe Washington, London and Paris off the map as well. As for rhetoric, there is no shortage of damnable rhetoric on all sides; if verbal threats justify lethal action, I possess dozens of licenses to kill.

Finally, I note the idiocy of attempting to equate libertarianism with National Socialism. Libertarians don’t even wear uniforms; if we did, cobalt blue ties and hot pink miniskirts would be prominently involved.