Working on my bio

I’ve decided to use Mike Shanahan’s as a template:

In 2001, Vox Day joined the exclusive club of writers to post weekly columns on WorldNetDaily, he finished his first year tied for fourth most-popular on this ultra-impressive list of columnists, seven of whom are nationally syndicated.

His stunning record as a syndicated columnist places him in the legendary class of H.L. Mencken, William F. Buckley, Chuck Norris, Patrick J. Buchanan and Ann Coulter as one of six writers with back-to-back national syndications.

However, whether measured by record or achievement, he does not rest on his laurels, nor allow his team to even though in the past six years his overall record of accomplishment has been unmatched. His accomplishments since taking command of his WorldNetDaily column are far greater than most writers have achieved in entire careers, yet Vox Day does not live in the past but puts all his ample talents and energy into success for the present.

Every successful news site has one key writer, and those organizations that have achieved the greatest success have an ultimate writer – an individual combining exceptional talent and literary skills with the dynamic ambition to inspire others to success. For WorldNetDaily, that individual is unquestionably Vox Day.

Despite the almost unparalleled level of success attained in the last six years, complacency and satisfaction are qualities completely foreign to Vox Day, a brilliant columnist and writer who is perpetually driven by the goal of convincing humanity of the essential truths required for its continued survival as a species.