Good riddance

I completely agree with this nameless veteran NFL figure:

“I have never been impressed with Michael Vick to begin with,” the club personnel man said. “Is he a dynamic player? Yes. But is he a championship-level quarterback, a leader of a team? He has never shown that. So what are you really getting once he comes back? What has Michael Vick done in this league other than be promoted by the league and by his marketing people and the companies that he has endorsed for? I can’t answer what he might be facing in two years, because I don’t know that I value what he is as a quarterback.”

Vick will likely prove to have been the most overrated player in the history of the game. I disliked him, I disliked his Pittsburgh predecessor and I will dislike the next stupid, strong-armed, speedy black quarterback who will inevitably be lionized as the potential revolution of the quarterback position in the process of leading his team to a playoff one-and-out.

(Nothing against black quarterbacks who are smart enough and disciplined enough to actually play the position. I’m still hoping Daunte can somehow return to form and that Vince Young will realize that Manning is the model to emulate, not Vick.)

Vick was a basketball player in the NFL. He is a gifted athletic freak and fun to watch, but football is a true team sport where athleticism is less important than performing your role. He was the epitome of most of what is wrong with the league before there was ever a peep about his interest in dog-fighting.

Speaking of football, VPFL coaches should email me so that I can send you the registration info.