Green Ed and the Mahatma Paul

Gary North on the American Ghandi:

Ron Paul is convinced that self-government is the wave of the future. Empire isn’t. That was Gandhi’s message in 1915. It did not seem plausible back then. By 1947, it did.

It has taken until quite recently for India to move economically more toward self-government and away from Nehru’s Fabian socialism. Sadly, the U.S. economy seems to be moving back toward Nehru. The state keeps getting bigger in the visible affairs of this world. But a great decentralization is taking place: in education, on the Internet, and with technology generally. The wave of the future is not toward Fabianism and its legacy. Ron Paul’s campaign is proof of this.

It’s an astute analogy. And as far as the decentralization of education, I can assure you, you haven’t even begun to see anything yet. In twenty years, the idea of gathering a group of individuals physically together in order to learn is going to look positively pre-Cambrian.

Call it Green Ed. With a name like that, who could possibly be against it? Increase human liberty, educate the children more effectively and save the planet.