Going where they aren’t

Perhaps these successful, bright and adventurous women should consider taking a beginner’s class in logic:

in New York City, in many (if not most) adult courses, the women are numerous and the men are few — for approximately the same reason that men behind the wheel don’t ask for directions. It goes against the male grain to acknowledge ignorance about a subject, said professionals who organize classes….

At JackRabbit Sports, the running, swimming and triathlon classes are filled mostly with women, said Lee Silverman, the owner. At the Brooklyn store, for example, the beginning running class has 18 women and 2 men, and another running class has 13 women and 2 men.

Curse those shamelessly arrogant men who believe they are capable of figuring out how to run without being taught! No wonder “runs like a girl” is considered an insult.

My favorite quote was this one: ““You think if you do something you’re passionate about, you’ll find him,” said Ms. Hill, 45, an executive assistant who lives in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn.”

It’s a mystery why she’s still available. I suggest that if she tried doing something that MEN are passionate about, she would significantly increase her chances of meeting one that she likes. I don’t care how passionate a woman is about embroidery or saving the warming planet of gay whales, if she wants to meet normal men, she’d be better off lifting free weights, shooting guns or playing golf. And if she wants to meet intelligent men and doesn’t mind them being either freakishly skinny or seriously overweight, she should try playing wargames or getting into a science fiction-related fan following.

This isn’t that difficult. The Onion long ago figured out what the New York Times can’t.

Upon arriving at DragonCon, Melcher found himself disappointed in the dating pool, noticing a gender ratio decidedly skewed toward males.

“I guess girls aren’t into dragons and superheroes as much as guys are,” Melcher said. “That fact really hit me when I first walked into the main exhibition hall: Talk about a total sausage fest.”

Though a distinct minority, some females were present at DragonCon.

“There was this one girl dressed up like Black Canary. She had the boots and the fishnet stockings and everything,” Melcher said. “I couldn’t really talk to her, though, because there was a pretty dense crowd of guys around her at all times.”