Another Republican betrayal

Ladies and gentlemen, your Republican president!

Base Betrayed [Kate O’Beirne]

I just talked with a veteran conservative activist whose group doesn’t engage on the immigration issue but who is glum about the expected reaction of the conservative grassroots to the immigration deal. “We’ll all be hurt. They’ll just stay home,” he predicted. “They’ll figure they didn’t support Republicans in order to federalize education, create a big, new entitlement program, and grant amnesty to illegals.”

He left out purple-fingered nation-building to elect a legitimate and democratic jihad, but otherwise, yeah, pretty much. When Hillary gets elected, I’ll be the one pointing and laughing at all of your sad Three Monkey faces. Nice work losing the House and Senate, you politically astute “pragmatists”. Well done putting the Lizard Queen on the Cherry Blossom Throne, all you “he’s only doing it in order to unveil his double-secret super-conservative plan to save the nation” voters.

Maybe you will all finally see and hear some evil once your party finishes its third trip to the guillotine. I know you’ll certainly be speaking plenty of it.

And yet, I have no doubt that you’ll all run right back into the warm embrace of Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager and Jonah Goldberg and Sean Hannity and Bill Bennett and all the other Radio Republicans… I mean, you’ve got to know their opinions, they’ve collectively got such a smashingly excellent record over these past few years.

Don’t forget, we are at war!

Bush is such a disaster, the Democrats don’t even want to impeach him anymore. But after the 2008 elections, I bet there will be a lot of ex-Republicans who will wish they had.