The brilliance of the blogs

John Hawkins unearths the basic schizophrenia in the right-wing blogosphere:

1) If you were assigning a letter grade to how George Bush has performed as President since the 2006 elections, would it be…

42% — C
33% — D or F
25% — A or B

2) Which of the two following groups better represents your stance on illegal immigration.

89% — The Minutemen, Tom Tancredo, Jeff Sessions.
11% — George Bush, John McCain, the Wall Street Journal.

5) It has been said that if we haven’t seen enormous progress in Iraq by September of this year, that Congress may cut off funds for the troops or set a timeline for the troops to pull out. Do you think we should…

91% — Stay in Iraq at least until we feel confident that the Iraqis can handle their own internal security after our troops leave the street.

09% — Set a timeline for the troops to leave Iraq or cut off funds for the troops if we haven’t made big progress by September.

The majority of Americans support ending the occupations and ending migration. The right-wing blogosphere is split. The Republican Party supports both.

And that, in a nutshell, is why Hillary is your next president. She doesn’t have to take strong positions on either of the two major issues, it’s enough for her to sit back and let the Republican candidates slit their own throats for her.