Stealing the high ground

The Atomizer is probably correct, but never fear, I have the answer:

I predict here and now that well before the 2008 elections the term “global warming” will completely disappear from common parlance. In response to us right wing nutters who refuse to swallow the pablum we’re constantly being fed, Al Gore and crew will soon be painting the ominous picture of “global change”.

No problem. Those of us who are either scientists or happen to be interested in the actual science of “global warming” or “global climate change” or “global change” need merely begin referring to it as “global progress”.

Progress is always good, ergo global progress is unquestionably to be desired and the unthinking, unwashed, insufficiently scientific masses will speedily fall in line with us and against Al Gore and the “more government is always the answer” crowd.

The brilliance of this solution can be seen in the fact that no one, through out the entire history of “progress”, has ever stopped to ask just what they were progressing towards.

Naturally, we shall have to refer to the former global warming advocates as “Global Progress Deniers”.