A shameless lie

Michael Rubin writes with forked pen at National Socialist Review:

What is most amazing is that the State Department has downplayed Turks’ concern about the Islamist agenda. If there was any truth to Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Fried comparison of the AKP to a European Christian Democratic Party, Turks would not be rallying for democracy and secularism. Perhaps it is time for some introspection in Foggy Bottom and at the U.S. embassy in Ankara.

Rubin is lying as shamelessly as Fried. Those Turks are not rallying for democracy and secularism, they are rallying FOR secularism and AGAINST democracy. No amount of spin and language abuse will change that simple fact.

Nor does it escape my attention that those who support Turkish secularism, both inside and outside Turkey, are perfectly content to rely on the Turkish Armed Forces installing a secular military regime by overthrowing the legitimate, democratically-elected government… in the name of democracy and secularism, of course.

Democracy is a complete sham. This is demonstrated every time that a popular Islamic government is elected or a European nation votes against the Eurofascists’ latest power grab; in the rare circumstances that a popular vote can change anything of real significance, it is either not permitted or the results are overturned by a devil’s brew of force and legal farce.