How very interesting!

WFB worries about the long-term fate of the Republican Party:

There are grounds for wondering whether the Republican party will survive this dilemma.

I find this intriguing, considering how crazy everyone thought I was when I was explaining that the Republican Party had reached its high water mark back when the conservative commentariat was babbling about permanent Republican dominance. WFB may be getting old and lost his fastball some time ago, but he is still head and shoulders above the junior leaguers who populate his magazine these days.

And the Republican Party will find it hard to survive, so long as the party leaders insist on selling out their only growing demographic, religious conservatives. Our old Bible study has around 15 couples and the average number of children per couple is probably greater than three. Nearly everyone homeschools, and perhaps 25 percent of them are already now what might be best described as ex-Republicans. That percentage appears likely to grow if Bush is replaced by another faux conservative.

These religious homeschoolers are the people that the Republican Party should be catering to, not ignoring, as they are a growing part of the population and breeding faster than left-leaning atheist professors can convert their kids to secular liberalism. Bidding against the Democrats for the Hispanic vote by importing illegal aliens is a fool’s strategy that guarantees irrelevance in the long term.