Set him straight, VQPF

Prof. PZ Myers demonstrates the innocence of the middle-aged Midwesterner:

She’s really reaching. I’ve never heard “fruitcake” used against gays, although I imagine practically every word has been used as an insult against them—I’ve mainly heard it to express one’s opinion of another’s sanity, as in “nutty as a fruitcake”. It’s too bad no one ever told Stark that the godless are never, ever allowed to get angry.

Far be it from me to defend Me So Michelle in any capacity… but sadly, I have no choice. What’s amusing is his commenters rushing to agree that they’ve never, ever heard the term “fruitcake” in reference to sexual orientation.

I await with interest to learn how long ago, in Prof. PZ Myers’ agricultural Midwestern town, “cocksucker” referred only to chicken farmers who happened to enjoy the taste of a rooster’s comb.

But the funniest thing is that the Malkin article cited to demonstrate how eager Christians are to attack atheists dates back to July 2003, only four years BEFORE Rep. Stark declared himself to be a lavalounger.

Science, as you can see, demands great logic and precision. So don’t thank me, PZ, I’m just a scientist, standing in front of another scientist, helping him self-correct science.