Bitch can’t read

Kunshalini needs to take a few more courses in the English language. This should explain why:

Vox misrepresents science in saying that scientists believe that science possesses a unique claim on truth.

No, he doesn’t. “Science boosts its claim to truth by its spectacular ability to make matter and energy jump through hoops on command, and to predict what will happen and when.” – Richard Dawkins, “What is True?” The Devil’s Chaplain (2004)

In fact, I daresay that nearly every scientist would greatly object to Kunshalini’s unusual assertion that science does NOT possess a unique claim on truth. They tend to look down on truth by divine revelation, for example, preferring instead truth by empirical evidence gained through observation and experiment.

It’s possible, of course, that she simply doesn’t understand the distinction between A unique claim and THE unique claim.

I do agree that science is self-correcting (unlike religion/so-called ‘divine’ revelation), but this does not mean that I worship at the altar of science, claiming it to be the ‘holy’ Truth. Vox needs to stop jumping to absurd, wild conclusions.

Kunshalini needs to stop imagining that I said things I manifestly did not. I never said anything about an altar of science, any ‘holy’ Truth or her worship.

Where in my post (or my entire blog), did I say that I disapprove of the unmasking of scientific frauds? In this case, Vox is simply being a deliberate liar.

The Inquisitions, of course, referred to the Spanish and Roman Inquisitions, not any unmasking of scientific frauds. You see, in the English language, the capital I indicates a proper noun referring to a specific historical Inquisition. (The ‘s’, of course, indicated that I was referring to more than one.) If Kunshalini subsequently informs us of her approval of the Spanish or the Roman Inquisitions, I shall certainly retract the statement. I’d say that she’s being deliberately obtuse, except it’s becoming increasingly obvious that she’s merely stupid.

…his claim that the advocates of science will dictate how people choose to live does not make sense, and is not documented by any facts whatsoever. I wonder how Vox managed to pull this idea straight out of his ass.

Apparently Kunshalini hasn’t been following the Global Warming – excuse me, Global CLIMATE CHANGE – debate and is unfamiliar with the Kyoto Protocols adapted by dozens of governments at the behest of thousands of scientific advocates.

There’s more, but it isn’t any more interesting. Or competent.