Master theologians

I’m not sure which is funnier, the one guy’s insinuation that all atheists are homosexuals or the grasp of theology demonstrated by the other one:

Simon Owens: Do you think the “blasphemy project” is an effective way for atheists to come out of the closet?

Brian Flemming: The Blasphemy Challenge has certainly encouraged quite a few godless folks to unequivocally state that they aren’t afraid of Satan. I think it’s hilarious that this is actually a controversial statement to make — as if Satan were not a purely mythological character. The Blasphemy Challenge is radical compared to how we normally talk about superstitions such as Christianity, but it shouldn’t be. It should always be acceptable to declare one’s independence from Bronze Age myths. In fact, it shouldn’t really be news at all.

Atheists have a tendency to think that Christians are afraid of their arguments. The truth is that we’re much more likely to marvel at their utter incompetence and demonstrated ignorance. For starters, it’s not Satan that one should fear after blaspheming against the Holy Spirit, it’s the one who has announced His intentions of throwing Satan into the incinerator once his day is done.

I do think the Blasphemy Challenge would be an interesting way to test how many atheists truly have the courage of their convictions, although I’d never set anyone to it.