The Cold and the Quiet

From Newsweek:

George Clooney, off shooting a movie, contributed the maximum when Obama first announced and tells NEWSWEEK that Obama is “as good as Bobby [Kennedy] late in his career and Jack from early on.”)

Since B. Hussein isn’t a white Irish Catholic, I can only assume my sometime drinking buddy is referring to a particular interest in Marilyn Monroe.

There is something vaguely ghoulish about Obama, isn’t there? He’s not a bad-looking guy, but he still looks a little like someone you’d expect to see in a Hunter: the Reckoning movie.

Don’t you think the title would have been a better name for “Six Feet Under”? Maybe if it had been a soap opera, anyhow. Actually, it might have been a soap opera for all I know, I’ve never seen it.

Speaking of amazingly bad ideas, the VP at one of my publishers and I were in hysterics last week over a hypothethetical submission of a proposal for REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PAST 3D: The Quest for the Colder Side of the Pillow. I swear, one of these days I’m going to blow a stupid amount of money making a demo of it just for kicks and get Sony to show it at GDC.